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Opening Reception: Friday, September 6th, 7 to 11pm

lucky 70 (suerte): New Work by Dougie Padilla

Exhibition Dates: September 6th – October 12th 2019
Gallery Hours: Wed–Sat 3–8pm or by appointment
Conversation with Karen Mary Davalos, Ph.D.: September 12th, 7-9pm
Dougie Padilla Poetry Performance/Book Launch: September 26th, 7-9pm
Dougie Padilla Artist Talk: October 3rd, 7-9pm

It is with great pleasure that the Rogue Buddha Gallery announces its first solo exhibition for art legend, visionary and guru Dougie Padilla. Poet, painter, spirit dancer, Padilla encapsulates all that it is to be an artist. At the heart of his work exists a soul that has traversed the world and lived many lives: from artist to businessman, to communal farmer, to humble meditative disciple in India.

His paintings hint at his many and diverse travels, but not just those of the earthly plane. One look at his work and the viewer knows instantly that they are dealing with a subject matter that cannot be tethered to this world alone. Padilla presents visions of other worlds, dimensions and realities previously uncharted. He documents these travels with a stylistic voice and authority all his own. Undaunted by a lack of academic art training, Padilla relies on intuition, gut instinct, meditative visions, tenacity, patience and the spirit of the moment to guide and give form to what might be likened to prayers or mantras.

Deep seeded inspirations find voice in his art by way of subjects portrayed. These subjects often include life, death, good vs. evil, heritage, ghosts, friendship, mysticism, sweetness and beauty, to name a few. With an obsessive attention to detail and his use of every morsel of working surface, these works take on the feel of religious icons or spiritual talismans. They seemingly convey archetypal truths via visual metaphor and allegory. And while his work can easily be described as colorful, unapologetic, bold, vibrant, it may ultimately be distilled into one word: energetic. Each and every painting, drawing or print bursts with, and emanates, the stuff life is made of: energy.

Now at the age of 70, and with numerous accomplishments to his name, Dougie Padilla again offers us a splendid opportunity to peer into his world while sharing his energy with us. lucky 70 (suerte) highlights select recent works from the past ten years. These include paintings, drawings, original prints, tile work and an immersive ofrenda/altar installation featuring numerous calaveras (Day of the Dead skulls). But this exhibition celebrates much more than an illustrious art career or his newest body of work. lucky 70 (suerte) celebrates the creative principle, heritage, God and life itself. These are, after all, the very ingredients of which this artist is made.

Dougie Padilla is available at www.dougiepadilla.com.

This exhibit is made possible through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board


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