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ABOUT ART WUNDERFUL - The mission of Art Wunderful is to spread the gospel of the arts, their essential value to our every day lives and to offer a deep dive exploration into this most mysterious of subjects. Weekly episodes oscillate between solo commentary on art related topics where host Nicholas Harper shares his unique perspective as a gallerist, curator, artist and collector and conversations he has with artists, collectors and arts related professionals. Art Wunderful is the perfect podcast for art enthusiasts, from artists to collectors to those who just love the arts as a spectator to those that are simply curious as to what the arts are all about. We hope you join us weekly as we build a catalogue of perspectives into the arts that you'll find invaluable, as you explore your own passion for the arts, and ultimately for life. Art Wunderful is recorded weekly in Nicholas Harper's art studio, located in the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis MN.

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ABOUT NICHOLAS HARPER - Nicholas Harper wears many hats in the art world. As a gallery owner, artist, writer and collector, he is uniquely poised to offer a perspective on the arts unavailable elsewhere. His personality and style are welcoming and unpretentious, if not a bit quirky. While he lives and breathes art, he does so in a manner that encourages to others to join him as he truly believes that art offers a window to our soul and is essential in our everyday lives. His passion for the arts and his desire to make them accessible to all is evidenced through his eagerness to share his experiences and philosophies that are as insightful as they are entertaining.



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